Flatland research dissemination event: 29 April 2015

On Wednesday April 29th 2015 the Flatland team will present the results of its research and open up the debate begun by the project to wider interested parties in the arts sector and beyond.

Below: Infrared picture of a participant in Flatland, wearing ‘space suit’ and bone-conducting headphones, and holding the cube


At this event, the team will present the key findings from the Open University’s research, alongside a short film about the making of Flatland and a walk-through demo of the haptic navigation tech. We will also be posing some relevant questions for our audience to debate during the event, which will feed into our final research report.

The event takes place at Theatre Deli, Farringdon Road, London, 2-5.30pm. We welcome all interested parties from arts, heritage, tech, disability and gaming sectors, as well as press and academic researchers.

To attend this event please contact lucy@extant.org.uk to register your details, and any access needs.