Flatland Revealed – a revolutionary approach to accessibility?

Please join us as we present the key findings of the Flatland installation and join the debate about how these findings could revolutionise access for the arts, heritage, gaming and tech sectors, by attending our discussion event on 29 April 2015, 2-5.30pm.

We will also be giving demos of the tech created for this ground-breaking experiment in performance and technology.

Invitation with full panel list and event details:
pdf version Extant_Flatland Dissemination Event_invitation
word version Extant_Flatland Dissemination Event_invitation

A woman reaches out as if feeling her way, dressed in a black quilted  suit, wearing headphones and holding a red cube device in one hand which is attached to the suit by wires

Flatland in the press:
‘Impressive’ – New Scientist
‘A whole new level’ – Evening Standard

Audience feedback:
A true shifting of paradigms’ – Claire Warrior (National Maritime Museum)
Revolutionary…’ – Verity McIntosh (Pervasive Media Lab)
Pioneering’ – Helen Goulden (Executive Director NESTA)
Audiences are crying out for this type of work’ – Colin Nightingale (Punchdrunk)
Introduces you to a different way of thinking what art could mean’ – Naomi Alderman (co-creator of Zombies, Run!)

For further queries or to register to attend, email lucy@extant.org.uk

Picture by Terry Braun_Braunarts