Find Flatland on tour

We have created a ‘suitcase’ demo of the Flatland tech. This is a portable version of the experience through which members of the public can navigate using the prototype handheld navigation devices, which can be set up in public and cultural spaces, festivals and conferences, or used in educational or consultancy settings.

If you are interested in booking a demonstration please contact lou@extant.org.uk or call 020 7820 3737.

Flatland the production

This project has shown the potential for a new way of delivering immersive theatrical experience, inspiring levels of interest from audiences that could not be serviced within this small R&D run. Extant are now working towards developing and fundraising for a large-scale, public presentation of Flatland with a view to staging it over 2018-21.

Papers and presentations

The partners continue to present papers and talks in a range of settings. Previous presentations include:

  • Perception, Embodiment and the Digital Other’ panel at TaPRA, London, September 2014
  • Digital Utopias: Conference on art, technology and creativity, Hull, January 2015
  • Haptic Narratives Event, Goldsmiths University, May 2015
  • World Haptics Conference, Chicago, June 2015
  • Blind Creations conference, London June 2015

Also General Robotics, Automation, Sensing & Perception (GRASP) lab, University of Pennsylvania; Whitechapel Gallery; Dorkbot; the Digital Performance Weekender at Networked Bodies.

Papers produced to date

Spiers. A, van der Linden. J, Oshodi, M. Dollar, A; (2015) “Flatland: An Immersive Theatre Experience Centered on Shape Changing Haptic Navigation Technology”, IEEE World Haptics

Spiers. A, van der Linden. J, Oshodi, M. Dollar, A; (2015) “First Validation of the Haptic Sandwich: A Shape Changing Handheld Haptic Navigation Aid”, IEEE International Conference on Advanced Robotics (ICAR 2015)

Giles, E., & van der Linden, J. (2014, September). “Using eTextile objects for touch based interaction for visual impairment.” In Proceedings of the 2014 ACM International Symposium on Wearable Computers: Adjunct Program (pp. 177-183). ACM.

Wiseman, S., van der Linden, J., Spiers, A., Oshodi, M. (2015) “An Interactive Tablecloth for Facilitating Discussion in a Culturally Diverse Group.” In Cultural Diversity and Technology Design Workshop at 7th International Communities and Technologies Conference.