Weekly Question #4

Consider: what do you rely upon to move through space from A to B?

Final 2 weeks to enter the competition to win a visit to Flatland. Great answers so far, can you beat them?

  • Paul Durgan

    It often depends what space it is. From X to Y I use a TARDIS. As the question says from A to B the answer has to be my jet propelled rocket pack.

  • Darren Bourget

    The things that I rely on are those things I unconsciously take for granted; senses to guide me; a body to move me; an ability of mind to make sense of the world, to filter out the bits that aren’t important to the task at hand and an intent towards achieving that goal.

    …but if I’m doing all this, maybe ‘I’m’ not ‘relying’ on anything at all.

    An awareness of the journey and who ‘I’ am is inextricably linked with how I experience the world and engage with it along the way. So the bits that I ‘rely’ on are really just part of me and the ways in which I encounter and process the environment around me (is this what being ‘at one’ with nature means?).

    If the distance between ‘me’ my perception of the world and of myself within it is quite small it would be fascinating to radically alter those
    sensory inputs. To encounter the world in a completely new way. It would require new methods of engagement and open up possibilities in how we make sense of the world and make sense of ourselves within it.

  • Val

    We rely on:

    being alive to navigate the space of ten minutes
    touch to navigate dark space of the night
    eyes to navigate the space between words
    music to electrify the space between notes in a score
    sanity to negotiate our inner space
    tranquility to bridge the space of silence
    sleep to span the dead space of the night
    ingenuity to traverse the void of outer space
    patience for the pregnant space between words
    a smile to close the space between strangers
    love to help a friend through a dark space
    God to be help us through the space of eternity