Weekly Question #5

The final chance to win a visit to Flatland: How do you imagine the world would be if it had 4 dimensions?

Winners will be chosen this week…


  • James Risdon

    I imagine a four dimensional world to have a time axis, enabling travel forward and backward through time. “I’ll meet you at Waterloo in 2019″ or “shall we go back to that lovely coffee house on the Strand in 49?” could all become realistic.

    Most of the world would need rethinking, such as maps, the football leagues, train timetables and the news, not to mention politics, and our entire understanding of what is history, but these are small problems when you consider the benefits. Instead of prison, we could banish people back to the Middle Ages; We could solve the benefits crisis by freezing people in time at working age, and we could use our fossil fuels at any time before 1800 when pollution was not an issue. We could even revisit historical events.

    Imagine if that arrow had missed King Harold? Henry VIII’s third wife had survived or the pendulum had swung the other way during the Second World War?

    It’s enough to make your brain ache.

  • Darren Bourget

    I imagine a four dimensional being in the fourth dimension would, from their perspective, lead a predictably normal life; bills, administration, chores, etc.

    BUT it would be awesome to be a three dimensional being in a four dimensional world.

    The four dimensional beings would appear to move through time and space mysteriously and only reveal parts of themselves to you at any one time, while hiding the rest in the fourth (and to us, hidden) dimension. Hairy, waxy gobbets of flesh appearing, merging and disappearing like blobs in a lava lamp.

    Omniscient and omnipotent to us, these higher dimensional beings would appear as Gods. Science and faith would be reconciled in our puny minds.

    These beings would appear to fold spacetime like the guild navigators from Dune and allow us mortals to both reach back through Space (the
    final frontier) to boldly go where no man has gone before…before letting us also reach back in time to a long time ago and a galaxy far, far away…before finally getting bored and carelessly tossing us out in space, where no one can hear you scream…

    I’ve enjoyed thinking about and answering your questions. Best of luck with the show!

  • Elizabeth M

    I imagine that the way we negotiated through space would be completely
    different – up, down, side to side wouldn’t matter to us nearly as much. Some creatures might only be able to navigate in a subset of the dimensional space, much like some animals see far more of the visible spectrum to us. However, those creatures wouldn’t know that they were missing out, of course. They might see the edges of something, but have a vaccuum of experience, meaning that true knowledge was unobtainable. Time could be shaped differently. Perhaps we’d experience our own sense of body differently, like if the 4th dimension suddenly appeared, would it feel like our insides had expanded beyond our skin. Perhaps the dimension would isolate us further from one another — the first “senses” that life developed were touch (and smell) and since those early moments in a pool of bio-slime we’ve just managed to distance ourselves further from one another thanks to sight meaning we don’t need touch to find one another (or so we think).

    And lastly, TFL fares would surely increase.

  • Michael H

    what would it be like if the world was for

    what would it be like if the world was 4 d

    now that is quite difficult for me

    there wouldhave to be width and length which will give me strength

    there would be depth and time which would help me climb

    in my time machine i would spin around the world

    seeing how the past future and present unfold

    man would be making steps that seemed so bold

    and then this fascinating story would be told

    the above may help me win

    and then free tickets might get me in!

  • Val

    An extra dimension, heaven or hell?

    Those both profoundly deaf and blind are usually quite happy people, despite having very limited access to this world, and are probably the nearest thing we have to living at a lower dimension. Does having all of our senses lead to more stress? There are cases where people, blind from birth, have spontaneously gained sight and then gone mad, or committed suicide.

    Complexity increases hyper-exponentially with the number of dimensions, so spontaneous existence in 4D would probably give non-impaired people an information overload hell. We could all go mad unless we had extensive brain reprogramming.

    Being swamped 24/7 by simultaneous party political broadcasts, with the mother-in-law in the background, would probably be a pleasure by comparison!